Food Waste

From 2023, all organisations must segregate food waste from general waste.

Your business will need to seek a solution to ensure no food waste goes to landfill, incineration or sewer. Food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, holiday parks, employee canteens, cafés, fast food outlets, shopping centres, schools, colleges, and any organisation producing food waste will require a solution.

Tumblebug is an onsite organic waste solutions provider who can help.

At the heart of the process are our Tumblebug machines. A Tumblebug on your site enables you to dry, sanitise, and reduce the weight of your organic waste by up to 90%.

We have a wide range of machine sizes, able to process from 25 Kg up to 1,000 Kg every 12 to 24 hours. We can provide a machine to meet your specific needs.

Tumblebug also offers a behaviour change programme to engage and motivate your employees, customers, students, and visitors to segregate their organic waste.

The key benefits delivered by the Tumblebug Solution include:

The Key Benefits of the Tumblebug solution:

Reduced waste management costs

The Tumblebug machine will treat your waste on site. The reduction in volume and weight will remove the need for weekly food waste collections.

Reduced emissions with data

Processing food waste in a Tumblebug machine on site reduces emissions associated with transportation and processing. We will support your businesses providing CO2e reduction data.

Environment Act 2021 provisions for waste segregation

Tumblebug machines, along with our bespoke behaviour change programme, will ensure your business easily transitions to comply with the upcoming new mandatory segregation requirements for organic waste.

Turn food waste into a resource

Tumblebug machines will capture the value in food waste creating a soil conditioner for direct use in the soil or as an additive to compost or fuel for biogas production.