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Circular solutions for organic waste

Tumblebug is revolutionising the way organic waste is managed.

To meet the urgent and complex challenges faced by our food production system, we must recycle nutrients more efficiently and cost effectively.

Whether you are a livestock farmer or food waste producer, Tumblebug technology realises the value in your manure or food waste.

At the core of the Tumblebug solution are our sanitising and drying machines. A Tumblebug on your site enables you to reduce the weight of your organic waste by up to 90%, remove the water, pathogens, weed seeds, odour and concentrate and capture the essential nutrients.

Loading manure or food waste in batches in the easy-to-use Tumblebug machine results, within hours, in a lightweight dry product which has value: an additive for organic fertilisers, or compost or use directly as a soil conditioner.

Tumblebug machines reduce and remove the need for food waste management collection contracts and turns a problem into an asset.

We have a wide range of machine sizes, able to process loads from 25 kg up to 2,000 kg within 24 hours.