Our Philosophy

The Tumblebug Philosophy

The humble Tumblebug is the unsung recycling hero of the natural world.

Tumblebugs, the affectionate name for the dung beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), are commonly pictured skillfully rolling a ball of poo. Many people associate them only with ancient Egyptians. There are, however, over six thousand species worldwide nestling under the ground, enriching our soils.

Tumblebugs contribute to healthy pastures and soils: recycling poo, suppressing parasites, nutrient cycling and enhancing soil structure and secondary seed dispersal whilst also reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by livestock: they aerate the dung and reduce the amount of methane produced in decomposition.

The environmental services provided by the humble Tumblebug are estimated have huge economic value. Beynon et al. (2015) calculated that dung beetles save the UK cattle industry alone £367 million each year, primarily by encouraging healthy grass growth.

Tumblebug looked to the incredible dung beetle for a regenerative solution for efficient and effective management of organic waste.

The Tumblebug solution

The Tumblebug regenerative solution for organic waste is based on the principle of REAP: Recover, Enrich, Appreciate, and Prosper*. We facilitate efficient and cost-effective capture and concentration of the value in livestock manure (and food waste) to return nutrients and carbon efficiently to the soil through production of soil conditioners, organic fertilisers, and peat replacement growing mediums.

The problem of right nutrients, wrong place has been exacerbated by the increasingly specialised nature of agriculture in the UK.

Our Vision is to:

Create a transparent, quantified impact on the reduction of climate impact emissions from our food production system.

Our Mission is to:

Support our farmers and food producers by unlocking the environmental, economic, and social value in manure and food waste.

Support the horticulture sector through the creation of a viable climate friendly alternative to peat as a growing medium and organic fertiliser pellet.

Engage and empower citizens to actively be involved with climate change reversal through gardening, growing, and reducing food waste.

Recover, Rotate, Regenerate

The Tumblebug: Recover, Rotate, Regenerate model tackles organic ‘waste’ at all stages of the food production process whether it is livestock manure from dairy, pig, alpaca and poultry farms or unavoidable food waste in food production, processing, retail, or consumption.

We must reduce nutrient losses from our food production system, reduce our reliance on synthetic fertilisers and minimise climate damaging emissions.

Tumblebug is one solution in the complex web of solutions which is helping to close the loop.