Managing Manure

Managing manure on the farm

Animal manure can be a valuable asset. Current farming practice means economic, logistical, agronomic, regulatory and unneighborly barriers and challenges exist which hinder its use in cropping systems.

Farmers identify the top ten barriers as:

Location | Transportation | Storage and Application costs | Odours | Timeliness of application | Field conditions which limit application | Time and labour requirements | Compaction by application equipment | Poor uniformity of application | Regulation and restriction on application | Weed seeds and pathogens from manure.

Nutrient recovery is fundamental to sustainable agriculture. We need to reduce reliance on synthetic fertilisers and cut the cost of energy demands. We address these issues.

The Key Benefits of the Tumblebug solution:

Transportation and Application

Water removal makes transportation of manure nutrients viable and cost effective

Excess pellets can be sold to arable farms

A wider window for targeted application

A reduction in compaction of soils


Solid separation increases liquid slurry storage capacity on dairy and pig farms by up to 22%

Drying removes the need for solid storage heaps

Fertilizer Production

The Tumblebug captures and concentrates the nutrients to produce a lightweight powder

Heating to 85 degrees for 8-16 hours sanitises and kills weed seeds

With our consortium partners we provide further opportunity for on farm biochar production for combination with the powder to produce organic fertiliser pellets

Revenue and Reduction of Impact

Daily batch drying removes potential for greenhouse gas emissions

Slow-release fertiliser pellets reduce emissions during application

Biochar production creates income opportunity from carbon credits

State of the art on farm biochar production generates heat and electricity

New ideas for farmers

We have established a consortium with other solutions providers which enable farmers to take the solution one step further. Having solved the barriers to benefits from your manure, we can illustrate how our partner’s state-of-the-art pyrolysis thermal combustion technology will create biochar to combine with your Tumblebug nutrient product to deliver organic bespoke fertiliser pellets, onsite electricity and heat generation and carbon credit income.

We can provide an economically attractive solution to meet your specific organic waste needs whilst harnessing nutrients and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

No two farms will have the same issues.

Understanding an individual farmer’s experiences and gaining knowledge of the benefits and barriers for each farmer is critical to using manure as a valuable asset. Dairy, poultry, pig, and alpaca farms all will require different approaches.

Tumblebug technology alone or in combination with our consortium partners’ state-of-the-art engineering delivers a cost-effective solution for manure management with an attractive return on investment.