The Tumblebug Machine

Organic waste has a high moisture content: the primary reason it is under exploited as a valuable resource.

The machine removes up to 90% of the volume and weight, depending on original moisture content, sanitises and removes weed seeds. .

Tumblebug machines range from 10kg to 2 tonne capacity, with and without shredders and are therefore suitable for a range of settings from a small café to a dairy farm.

The best option for your setting will be evaluated against organic waste production frequency, quantity and optimised electricity consumption calculations.

The machine is operated simply:


Load your organic waste into a machine directly or via the in-built shredder. We supply bin lifts and bespoke conveyors if required.


Compostable packaging and cutlery are acceptable and can be efficiently processed.


Turn on the cycle and leave the machine to heat, agitate, dry and sanitise the food waste or manure.


Exhaust water goes directly to foul sewer or is collected for farm irrigation.


Depending on the nature of the load, 8-16 hours later a dry, sanitised, odour free nutrient rich, output is discharged from the machine automatically.


Use the output directly as a soil conditioner, as an additive for compost or as an ingredient for organic fertiliser production (contact us for further illustration).


The output will keep for 2-3 years if stored in dry conditions.

When you contact us, we will gather information and listen in order to provide an illustration of the best solution for your setting. Along with our Tumblebug machines, we:

  • Supply bin lifts for food waste customers with larger machines.
  • Design and supply bespoke conveyors for loading manure.
  • Collaborate with our partners to supply plug and play slurry solid separators. This will
    have the added benefit of increasing valuable liquid storage capacity by around 22%.
  • Supply pelletisers for pelletising the dried manure.
  • Supply bin signs and information boards and online training to support behaviour. change for
    food waste segregation.
  • Collaborate with our partners to deliver onsite biochar production through state-of-the-art
    pyrolysis technology and associated validation for carbon credit income.