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So how can we help you?

Tumblebug provides the technology and solution to create value out of your organic waste.

The Tumblebug solution:

  • Low-cost on-site food waste processing equipment (for your café or restaurant).
  • Simply dry, sanitise and homogenise your food waste into a soil improver or mushroom substrate.
  • Incorporate our low-tech equipment to grow gourmet mushrooms.
  • Additional option to process compostable packaging, cardboard, green waste and arborist arisings.
  • On-site pyrolysis to produce biochar, Carbon Credits and heat for use on site.
  • Formulation of your own peat-free, carbon negative, growing medium.

The Tumblebug benefits:

  • Remove food waste disposal costs and inconvenience by processing on-site.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and achieve Net Zero sooner.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the 2021 Environment Act that requires segregation and separate processing of food waste.
  • Convert your waste into products: mushrooms and mushroom growing kits.
  • The option to produce a 100% natural, peat-free, carbon negative growing medium.
  • Turn your waste into assets with a bespoke regenerative solution.

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